The Last Of “The Sheldons”

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Do you all understand this? This is it… the end. In two years time there will be no Sheldon horses left on the range.

Even though the Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) says that Sheldon has 5 years to remove horses, Sheldon plans to do it in two years. The claim is that through “appropriations” internally in Fish and Wildlife they have received a grant to complete removals in two years. In two years there will be no more “Sheldon horses,” ever.

You can google Sheldon and horses … Sheldon and “massacre”…. Sheldon and “secret removals”… Sheldon and “bone pit”… and find all of the articles written about Sheldon in the last decade. I have authored many, many articles.

Sheldon constantly makes claims to protect horses from inhumane treatment and slaughter, but the stories keep surfacing again and again. Today is no different.

Sheldon has looked…

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Love to have the opportunity to combine all my special interests and passions together in one day. Real Estate, Art, Architecture, Animals, Riding, Training, Politics, Friends, Family, Writing, and Crown. It has happened a few times. Bit more mundane: a grandmother real estate agent in North Texas who has three horses, down from 9, 2 dogs both rescues, and one foster at present. Lots of friends and powerful allies, and worthy opponents. Rider for fun now, but former eventer and dressage"non-diva". Even at this age am enough of an optimist that I believe the best is yet to come. Did I mention that it is good to have me on your side of an issue? I don't quit.
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