Rick Perry Appoints New Texas Commissioner of Education

Rick Perry Appoints New Texas Commissioner of Education.

I sincerely believe that Texas is only concerned about educating a few top, wealthy children, and getting the rest through an equivalency of about the 9th or 10th grade. No creative thinking, no science, no art or music, restrictive right-wing religion based ideology and military type discipline.  This to fulfill the needs of oil, gas, agriculture and low level retail to produce a state run strictly  by, for and about corporations.  I’m so afraid for Texas.. and this crazy appointment to the Education Commission proves my point.


About polopaula

Love to have the opportunity to combine all my special interests and passions together in one day. Real Estate, Art, Architecture, Animals, Riding, Training, Politics, Friends, Family, Writing, and Crown. It has happened a few times. Bit more mundane: a grandmother real estate agent in North Texas who has three horses, down from 9, 2 dogs both rescues, and one foster at present. Lots of friends and powerful allies, and worthy opponents. Rider for fun now, but former eventer and dressage"non-diva". Even at this age am enough of an optimist that I believe the best is yet to come. Did I mention that it is good to have me on your side of an issue? I don't quit.
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