The Last Of “The Sheldons”

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Do you all understand this? This is it… the end. In two years time there will be no Sheldon horses left on the range.

Even though the Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) says that Sheldon has 5 years to remove horses, Sheldon plans to do it in two years. The claim is that through “appropriations” internally in Fish and Wildlife they have received a grant to complete removals in two years. In two years there will be no more “Sheldon horses,” ever.

You can google Sheldon and horses … Sheldon and “massacre”…. Sheldon and “secret removals”… Sheldon and “bone pit”… and find all of the articles written about Sheldon in the last decade. I have authored many, many articles.

Sheldon constantly makes claims to protect horses from inhumane treatment and slaughter, but the stories keep surfacing again and again. Today is no different.

Sheldon has looked…

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Wild Horse Advocate Group calls for public action against BLM roundup

Wild Horse Advocate Group calls for public action against BLM roundup.

Please react!  That is the Public response that is desperately needed.  Email the BLM, call the BLM.  Then call your Representative and Senators.  Tell them that you want the original intent of the 1971` Wild Horse and Burros  Act to be observed everyday.   Tell them that you want healthy herds to remain on the range.  Insist that there is an independent survey to determine the number of Horses in Long Term Holding and on the Range.

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We’re Excited To Light The Sky!

Candles lit in love and memory.

Candles lit in love and memory.

We’re Excited To Light The Sky!.  This is one of the two or three most effective advocacy organizations for humanity towards animals in the US.  Their undeterred efforts towards defeating horse slaughter is truly awe-inspiring.. Send your $10 (or more)  to light a candle in honor or memory of an animal that you have loved, or in honor of one of those horses that have been sent down this totally unnecessary road of horror.

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Rick Perry Appoints New Texas Commissioner of Education

Rick Perry Appoints New Texas Commissioner of Education.

I sincerely believe that Texas is only concerned about educating a few top, wealthy children, and getting the rest through an equivalency of about the 9th or 10th grade. No creative thinking, no science, no art or music, restrictive right-wing religion based ideology and military type discipline.  This to fulfill the needs of oil, gas, agriculture and low level retail to produce a state run strictly  by, for and about corporations.  I’m so afraid for Texas.. and this crazy appointment to the Education Commission proves my point.

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Tensions high as inspectors take crackdown to heart of the walking horse industry

This is front and center in importance to Animal Advocates. There is a response from the Groups that want to keep the status quo, against the HSUS and ASPCA with lies and threats. It is important that animal lovers and particularly those that understand horses, call for support of the new inspection rules and strict enforcement of penalties against those trainers, riders, and owners who are guilty to soring.

Tuesday's Horse

Winky Groover, of Shelbyville, is a trainer who is willing to talk about the past and the future.

He believes that on the whole, the breed draws more spectators than any other horse events. But he thinks to keep that going, he and his fellow trainers and walking horse owners have to convince the government and the public that soring is over.

Excerpt by PAM SOHN from the Times Free Press

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The individuals who sore horses to win competitions may be even more loathsome than the ones who abuse racehorses to win. One thing they both have in common, depending on how you look at it, is out-and-out lying or entrenched denial full of self-justification regarding their cruel exploitation of horses. The result is that the gruesome suffering they inflict goes on decade after miserable decade.

Look at the picture above. How Groover expects…

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Teaser Thursday

Teaser Thursday. Just unbelievable comments, and the laughable energy that Jo-Claire brings to it keeps us from crying in our beer.  and in the end, she is right.  YOU JUST CAN”T FIX STUPID.

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